Get All Types Of News On India From Popular Indian Magazine In Perth

Today’s world is a global village. People are not confined to just their own countries. They venture out of their countries in search of better jobs, higher education, or simply in an effort to explore more and see new places. Indians too have settled down in many other countries. They are everywhere – in England, in America, in Africa and in Australia. Australia, in recent years, has seen a huge influx of Indians who have come there to study or for work. This visit can either be temporary; but it may even turn permanent under the right circumstances.

All big cities of Australia have considerably large settlements of Indians. Even though staying away from home country is not very easy, the quest of a better livelihood forces them to do so. These Indians have adapted to the Australian lifestyle well. They celebrate Australian holidays, visit Australian sights and celebrate weekends in the Australian way. However, there is a saying that goes like “You can take Indians out of India but you cannot take India out of Indians.” This saying is quite true. The Indians who have become residents of various cities in Australia, still crave for a bit of news on their home country. There are many who have subscribed to reputed Indian magazine in Perth to stay updated about all types of news concerning India.
The Indian Sun 3

Melbourne has a large number of Indians who are very interested in Bollywood. They regularly check various websites that are likely to have some news on the Indian film industry. It would be wrong to say that only Indians are interested in Bollywood. There are many Australians who are equally interested in Bollywood. In fact, special premieres and screenings of many Bollywood movies are held in Melbourne and needless to say, most of these movies are huge hits. These fans follow popular Indian magazine in Melbourne to stay updated about all Bollywood-related news. Noteworthy Bollywood magazines report everything from movie reviews to upcoming movies, from music news to event news and from celebrity gossips to fashion trends. Many Australians and Indians alike follow these magazines for clothing and fashion tips.

It would not be wrong to say that popular Indian newspaper in Perth have brought these two countries closer on cultural terms. Regular reports on Indian festivals and events have made many Australians more interested in Indian culture. Nowadays, Indian festivals are celebrated in Australia in a grand scale.

Indian magazines and newspapers are published in Australia at regular intervals. They are also published in both forms, that is, digital and hard copies. Thus, those who are not quite fond of hard copies or do not have the time to go and purchase a copy, can always visit the online portals of Indian news sites and read the reports at times that are convenient to them. Those who prefer traditional forms of newspapers can easily get the same. Now, no matter which part of Australia somebody is staying in, he can easily avail all types of news about India very easily.


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